Moving may be a difficult experience, especially if it is your first time. It can be overwhelming at times, from choosing a moving company to making sure you have everything you need when packing. Your goods can also be harmed if you aren’t careful. Here are some suggestions for minimising damage to your valuables while […]


It comes quick! Moving day may be 30 or 45 days away today, but we all know how time flies. Use some of these pointers to have a better move. And of course call Charlotte Local Moving for all your Charlotte North Carolina. SET A DATE FOR YOUR MOVING DAY After you’ve chosen a moving […]

Things to not pack into your storage unit

Medical supplies Make sure to use additional caution and inquire about your storage unit’s policies regarding medical supplies. Some medical equipment contains radioactive material that can’t be kept in storage legally. Combustible or flammable items Even though this seems to be common sense, it is worth mentioning. Items that are combustible or flammable should never […]

Local Moving in Charlotte North Carolina

Buying a new house is like a dream come true, isn’t it? You work so hard every day to save enough money to buy a house at a better location with better facilities. And just when you thought the difficult bit is done now that you have bought a house, you realize that moving is […]

How movers Prepare Your Refrigerator For Your Move?

We will share how movers prepare and protect your refrigerator for the move. Steps Another high claim item, a fridge needs proper handling techniques and should be handled with the upmost of care. Stainless Steel fridges can incur a small ding or dent on the front and cost thousands to replace. The first thing to […]

Why having a moving checklist important?

Do you wanted to know why having a pre-moving checklist is very important in the moving process? We will discuss the advantages of having a checklist and how to make one. Advantages of  Having a checklist: A checklist is a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as […]